EWIAN ~ The Sweet Ones the Evil Ones [Official Music Video] — EWIAN

V – The Sweet Ones the Evil Ones Ewian grew up to a young man. He tried to cope with the normal world, but the voices in his head were strong. They ripped apart the structure between his inner cosmos and outer world. One day he decided to leave his home to be alone with […]

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EWIAN ~ Box of Pandora [Official Music Video]

Our 4th music video together with EWIAN…


IV ~ Box of Pandora

At the moment when Ewian entered the world to find the relict he opened a doorway – irreversible. He had been long gone – too long. His mind had bore a second self. Henceforth the two minds struggled for supremacy.

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Behind the Scenes!

I remember this shot! The boy had to sneeze a couple of times during this scene, that was very funny 🙂 I think I still have these recordings…


I found these lovely Behind the Scenes Photos from the Interludium shot. Love the intimacy between mother and son. Thanks to Nataly Zibert for the photos and Dream-Noise Productions for the video shooting.
By the way: I will release the 4th video clip from my twelve-part video story tomorrow.
Looking forward to it!



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Of Those Who Drown to Live

Today is a very important today for me. My dear friend Ewian Christensen is releasing his 4th album ‘Of Those Who Drown to Live’. This album is really great, a journey from bittersweet Rock and piano tunes to magical Ambient Sounds.
Every song is different and a little gem. Please support this artist, I’m sure he is totally happy about everyone who buys his record.
You can get the CD on Bandcamp or download the digital versions on iTunes and other platforms:

CD: https://ewian.bandcamp.com/album/of-those-who-drown-to-live
Digital: https://timezonerecords.lnk.to/OfThoseWhoDrownToLive
Official site: http://www.ewian-music.com

We work with Ewian since about three years now on 12 music videos for this album. We’ve already finished 10 of them and it was a pleasure to work with him, he is such a nice guy.
This is the Trailer we made for his new album:


Please support him ♥