EWIAN – Inception (Official Music Video)

This is the first video we produced fo the upcoming EWIAN album ‘Of Those Who Drown to Live.
We created it together with the 3d fractal artist Jaime_M (fractal animations) and Ewian Christensen (composer of all EWIAN songs).
We are endlessly proud that our video was exclusively premiered by Wherepostrockdwells, one of the biggest Post-Rock channels on Youtube with about 80000 subscribers.



Thanks a million!

7 thoughts on “EWIAN – Inception (Official Music Video)

  1. SIGNAL BOOST FOR 3d fractal artist Jaime_M (fractal animations) in the GreatWork.

    Thank you! So excited to see mathematical aesthetics return to visual art. Well, math has always been a part of visual art, but it’s been a while since visual art inspired everyday folks to wanna learn about math. By dint of it’s capricious refusal to obey are attempts at systematization (remember Principia Mathemathica. Russell and Whitehead?), there have been no ‘new’ philosophers for the Age. I’m sure there will be eventually.

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    1. Thanks a lot! Nice to meet somesome here who is interested in fractals too 🙂 My friend Ewian was thinking about producing something with 3d fractals already a long time ago and with Jaime_M we thankfully found a friendly artist who consented to help us!


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