Video shooting in Croatia


I’d like to show you a couples of freeze framesΒ from videos we shot last summer with Dream-Noise Productions in Croatia for my 4th album.
We have been at the place where the original Winnetou movie was shot. I am still impressed by this vast, untouched nature.
On one day we got in the near of a forest fire and used the day after to make some super slow motion shots. Here some stills…

Ashes running through my fingers, in the background burned plants:

Croatia, the vast land where Winnetou was shotΒ in front of me:

The day after the forest fire, me sitting between the burned plants on an ashy ground.


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13 thoughts on “Video shooting in Croatia

  1. So happy to see this Ewian new photos update! Love the images and follow this Blog now! πŸ˜‰ On my Blog there are several posts, interview and, digital artwork I have created and dedicated to feature Ewian during the past years, if you like you can link it here or reblog!
    there is more posts on my blog just search Ewian ❀ πŸ˜‰ Carolina

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