Video shootings for EWIAN

We are very happy to announce that Dream-Noise Productions will accompany the german composer Ewian Christensen in the video production process of his next album ‘Of those who drown to live‘.
We are going to support the shooting of most of the 12 videos for the 4th EWIAN album which is planned to be released in the mid year of 2018.

The stills are from videos we are alreay working on. You can recieve an impression of EWIAN’s former musical work on his youtube channel

Lots of love,

Dream-Noise Productions







21 thoughts on “Video shootings for EWIAN

    1. Hi Jane, at first: Thank you very much! ThatΒ΄s great to hear. EWIAN is based mainly in germany. A digital download of the music can be purchased in the whole world via iTunes or Amazon, a physical (signed) copy ist just availabe on Bandcamp.

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  1. Congratulations for such a great combination! Perfect images for such inspiring music. Thank you so much for your follow! I had subscribed to Ewian YouTube Channel long ago, but have not checked it for awhile and now you have reminded me. Very grateful! Best Wishes for the future!

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  2. The first video really impressed me. It brought me coming to the land in nowhere. However, when I saw her spirit flying, I thought I’ll use the feather instead of the soul’s image. 🌹

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