Almond blossom

just a little slow motion shot – the wind carrying the almond blossoms…(in South Germany).

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Video shooting in Croatia


I’d like to show you a couples of freeze frames from videos we shot last summer with Dream-Noise Productions in Croatia for my 4th album.
We have been at the place where the original Winnetou movie was shot. I am still impressed by this vast, untouched nature.
On one day we got in the near of a forest fire and used the day after to make some super slow motion shots. Here some stills…

Ashes running through my fingers, in the background burned plants:

Croatia, the vast land where Winnetou was shot in front of me:

The day after the forest fire, me sitting between the burned plants on an ashy ground.


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Video shootings for EWIAN

We are very happy to announce that Dream-Noise Productions will accompany the german composer Ewian Christensen in the video production process of his next album ‘Of those who drown to live‘.
We are going to support the shooting of most of the 12 videos for the 4th EWIAN album which is planned to be released in the mid year of 2018.

The stills are from videos we are alreay working on. You can recieve an impression of EWIAN’s former musical work on his youtube channel

Lots of love,

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New animation

Here a little clip we made shortly, I call it “Dancing underwater”. It´s based on underwater shots we made last summer and super slow motion recordings.


Have a nice weekend 🙂


Turte, boy, header picture

Severel peeople here asked me about my header picture – the huge turtle gazing at the young boy with the red shirt.

So – this header picture is actually a still from a music video we made together with Ewian Christensen, head of the German indie music project EWIAN. The song is called ‘Into The Unknown’ and will be on the next EWIAN album. I uploaded the scene shortly on Youtube:


We´ve been very happy 🙂 when we even got a price for this film at the short film festival La.Meko:




Photo by Nataly Zibert / EWIAN