EWIAN – Life Uncut – new music video

Our 9th clip with EWIAN from the twelve-part music video story.


EWIAN ~ Drown to Live [Official Music Video]

Our 7th music video with EWIAN is out now!
I like this one in particular because of the many techniques we used: Slow motion, Time lapse, Green-screen, Underwater shots,..
Special Thanks to Nataly Zibert for building the scenery (and more).


VII – Drown to Live

I’m happy to announce that the music clip for ‘Drown to Live’ (Chapter VII of the video story) is out now on Youtube.
The song is the key track for the album and the most important for me. At a certain point in my life I learned to love myself, and I learned that self-love is important to be able to love others.
I’d like to thank my guys Robin Friedel (Guitar, Bass) and Florian Jooß (Drums) for the participation.


Finally Ewian learned the most important thing in his life: to love himself, and thus, to love others. Encouraged by this insight, he was carried away by the notion of love as an abstract concept, an unconditional acceptance of things. In order to achieve this, it was necessary to detach himself from his present self awhile.

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Behind the Scenes!

I remember this shot! The boy had to sneeze a couple of times during this scene, that was very funny 🙂 I think I still have these recordings…


I found these lovely Behind the Scenes Photos from the Interludium shot. Love the intimacy between mother and son. Thanks to Nataly Zibert for the photos and Dream-Noise Productions for the video shooting.
By the way: I will release the 4th video clip from my twelve-part video story tomorrow.
Looking forward to it!



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