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Thank you for the last three years EWIAN.

Thank you so so much for all the wonderful words, comments, personal messages, likes and retweets in the last six years concerning my music. All this motivated me to produce four albums, one EP, one single (overall 47 songs) and 22 music videos during this period of time. With the music video for the song […]

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Short Film Festivals


In the last two weeks my music video for the song ‘Drown to Live’ was shown on several film festivals in Germany.
I’m happy about that and want to share some impressions of the events.

My favorite film was ‘The Nine Billion Names of God’, based on the eponymous science fiction short story by British writer Arthur C. Clarke (1953).

Photos by Hannah Wegenka and Andreas Berg



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EWIAN ~ The Final Breath [Official Music Video]

Just one video left…


XI ~ The Final Breath

Ewian looked back on his life. The memories of the INCEPTION were almost completely faded, only the feeling of innocence was still present.
It was this sensation as a child that gave him the courage to embark on a journey INTO THE UNKNOWN in order to find a relic that should free every living being from suffering. Years later he found it. The moment between the relief and the dark premonition that he had been away too long – the INTERLUDIUM – hit him unprepared.
Unwittingly he had opened the BOX OF PANDORA – and the price of the long absence was the birth of a second self.
From then on both parts fought for supremacy. This inner conflict tore him apart. The voices in his head, both THE SWEET ONES and THE EVIL ONES, were strong in those days.
It took another while until…

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